Les hortillonnages d'AmiensLes hortillonnages d'AmiensAlexis Poroszka

Nature & slow tourism

Rejuvenating !

A green and blue location

Amiens, a city filled with nature...

A few steps outside of Amiens’ bustling city centre, you’ll find a paradise of green where you can’t help but unwind... Artist’s gardens, spaces for animals, family parks, and nature reserves to refresh your body and soul!

Les hortillonnages d'AmiensLes hortillonnages d'AmiensPaul Lebrun

The Hortillonnages

Sieste musicale aux HortillonnagesSieste musicale aux HortillonnagesNos Cœurs Voyageurs

Well-being and recharging

Le Parc Saint-PierreLe Parc Saint-PierreLaurent Rousselin

Parks and gardens

Tourisme fluvialTourisme fluvialNos Cœurs Voyageurs

River tourism

A vegetable production brand

The “Les t'cho légumes des hortillons" brand, of guaranteed origin, invites consumers to buy local, and maintain quality cultivation at the city’s floating gardens. The radishes, cauliflowers, turnips, lettuce, carrots and leeks grown here in the fertile soil of the Hortillonnages can be found on the shelves of this floating market in particular.

Vivarium zooVivarium zoo - © B. Crochez

How lush !

A meeting point of worlds
The zoo of tomorrow

Amiens Zoo, a real island of biodiversity, exudes a sense of calm, nature and escape. This oasis of nature is engaged in preserving endangered ecosystems and conserving vulnerable species of animals.

  • 7 hectares of green, a stone's throw from the city centre
  • 700 animals
  • 140 species of plant
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L'Auberge des Hortillonnages

You will appreciate : The Chef’s inventive cooking that revisits local products (vegetables from the Hortillon, locally...

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Association pour la Protection et la Sauvegarde des Hortillonnages

Cultivated since ancient times by the 'Hortillons'`(marsh market gardeners), these astonishing gardens are...

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D'une île à l'autre

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Musée des Hortillonnages