The Hortillonnages

At the gateway of the city and the Saint-Leu quarter, the Hortillonages are an exceptional mosaic of floating gardens and waterways.

Les hortillonnages d'AmiensLes hortillonnages d'AmiensPaul Lebrun
65kms of waterways
9market gardeners
3rd Sunday in JuneTraditional costumed market on the water

Floating gardens: unique to Amiens

Shaped by generations of market gardeners known as 'hortillons', this site is the only one of its kind in France. The Hortillonnages are made up of a multitude of small cultivated islets surrounded by water, accessible only by boat on a network of waterways, known as 'rieux'.


The Hortillonnages have been here since ancient times. They are located on the naturally marshy terrain of the old bed of the River Somme. The site's name has its origins in the Latin 'hortus' meaning garden. Nowadays, the ownership of his 300-hectare site is shared by over 1000 individuals who use it for market gardening or leisure activities such as gardening, fishing, and observing nature... This haven of greenery, gently cradled in the water invites contemplation and rest.

Rieu hortillonnagesRieu hortillonnages - Paul Lebrun

'Hortillons': market gardeners and boatmen!

For many years, these unusual market gardeners not only supplied the city of Amiens with fresh fruit and vegetables, but also with peat for heating. They used a particular type of boat to navigate the Hortillonnages and transport their produce. At the turn of the 20th Century nearly 250 market gardeners cultivated plots here.

Although much of the 300 hectares of marshland has been given over for ornamental gardening, a dozen families still cultivate the land. Several generations of hortillons live side by side and farm about 10% of the site. Their fruit and vegetables are sold every Saturday on Place Parmentier in the Saint-Leu quarter.

The market gardeners have joined forces and market their produce under the banner of 'les t'cho légumes des hortillons'. On the third Sunday in June, dressed in their traditional costumes and aboard their unmistakable boats, the hortillons navigate down the River Somme to sell their produce opposite the Quai Bélu.

Musée des Hortillonnages de RiveryMusée des Hortillonnages de Rivery - Nos Cœurs Voyageurs

The Hortillonnages Museum

The Hortillonnages Museum in Rivery gives pride of place to this protected natural environment and the lives of the market gardeners. It holds a rich collection of material and equipment, patiently collected by a couple of hortillons over many years. René and Thérèse Nowak will tell you all about the hard but fascinating lives of these men and women, how their techniques evolved over the years, and what makes the profession so special.

Round off your visit in an electric-powered boat, and see the hortillonnages for yourself as you navigate the network of waterways... discover the great wealth of flora and fauna that inhabit the variety of habitats: gardens, waters, fallow areas, marshes and woods.

Get up close to the waterfowl, such as great crested grebes, swans, mallards, coots and moorhens. From May to August waterlilies shimmer on the ponds, and water irises, grasses and rushes carpet the banks.

Balade depuis le Jardin des VertueuxBalade depuis le Jardin des Vertueux - Paco

A change of scene!

There are so many ways to explore Nature's jigsaw puzzle:

  • Guided tours on electric-powered boats all year round, run by Le Jardin des Vertueux.
  • With Julien, discover the Secrets of the Marais and the many facets of the Hortillonnages on a guided tour in an electric boat.
  • If you're feeling adventurous, or maybe in love, take a self-tour on a rowing boat from the Auberge "Ô Jardin (don't forget to take a map!).
  • To the rhythm of the Somme, discover the Hortillonnages during a walk, lunch or dinner on the water, aboard the cruise boat Le Picardie.
  • If you like to walk, enjoy the Circuit de la Canardière (13.5 km), usually around 3.5 hours, in idyllic and tranquil surroundings.
  • Last but not least, cyclists too will also appreciate the peace and quiet of these places... at their own pace.

Of course there are many other options! Why not design your own experience, and make the most of some exceptional time out in Nature?


Les Hortillonnages et Vous

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