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Tourism Portals

  • The City of Amiens
    The site of Amiens and the Amiens Agglomeration Community
  • Weekend Hauts-de-France
    The site for bespoke weekends between Lille and Paris
  • The Somme Tourism Development and Reservation Agency
    Discover the Somme and organise your trip
  • Explore France
    With #Explorelafrance, create and share your explorer map of France
  • France.fr
    Discover France, from tradition to innovation!
  • Afnor Certification
    Development, certification, promotion of standards and information, sale of products and services to apply them

Community-led sites

  • Weekend Hauts-de-France
    Weekends that are out-of-the-ordinary, romantic, good for your wellbeing, and more. There’s a selection of personalised getaways less than two hours away from Paris, and local experts to help you!
  • TripAdvisor
    Reviews, photos, and advice from travellers about hotels and getaways - compare prices in one click.
  • Trivago
    Search over 500,000 hotel listings and compare the prices of 100 booking sites.

Amiens and the region in photos...

Moving to, and living in, Amiens

Properties for sale and to rent in Amiens
All the information, classifieds, and necessary tools for your building projects in Amiens


Studying in Amiens

  • Crous Amiens Picardie
    Picardie’s student life portal
  • Visale Plan (e.g. Clé - Crous’ Caution Locative Étudiante on Lokaviz)
    The Visale (Visa pour le Logement et l’Emploi, or Accomodation and Work Visa) is a form of assistance applicable when signing a lease (selectra will help you with this), and means that if you’re under 30, you don’t need a guarantor - that’s the role the plan plays. This assistance is conditional, subject in particular to the property’s total amount of rent, which can’t exceed €1,500 in the Paris region or €1,300 in the rest of France. It’s always advised you contact the dedicated hotline (0970 800 800) to find out more details, so you can create your application.
  • The University of Picardie Jules Verne
    UPJV offers a wide range of multidisciplinary training programs and degrees at diploma, masters, doctorate, and all levels
  • The bail mobilité (the mobility lease)
    This plan is for people struggling to find a place to stay on a short-term basis. The mobility lease allows both lodgers and property owners to sign more flexible leases for furnished lodgings than the traditional furnished lease.

Tourism in Amiens

  • Samara
    From the discovery of fire to the Gallo-Roman era, trace over 600,000 years of humankind’s history.
  • The Amiens Racecourse
    The Amiens Racecourse offers trotting and galloping courses, night and day
  • Authenti'k Evasion
    Authenti'k Evasion is open year-round, and you can find their leisure centre dedicated to outdoor activities in the heart of the Somme Valley. How about camping trips (during summertime) and visits to lodges for a guaranteed escape?

Tourism in Haute-Somme, remembrance tourism

  • Historial of the Great War
    Find a presentation of collections, temporary exhibitions and research activities at this museum in Péronne, the Somme (80)
  • Somme 14-18
    Head underground and learn about the daily life of soldiers in the trenches.
  • Amicale des avions anciens d'Albert (the Albert Old Planes Association)
    Renovation, maintenance and presentation of collector planes for national and international meet-ups
  • Somme Battlefields’ Partner
    The Somme Battlefields’ Partner network is where you can find hosts, Somme Battlefields’ Partner hotels, and campsites

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