Meet our experts

Below, you’ll find some stories from our ambassadors, who are eager to share their passions and secrets about the city or to simply suggest their can’t miss spots...

Samuel Crampon

Samuel Crampon

Guide and Expert in Heritage Outings in Amiens and the surrounding area

I love literature and have a particular passion for 19th century literature. I’m lucky that I can share this passion thanks to my role as a guide in the House of Jules Verne in Amiens.
In addition to my love of the written word, I really enjoy hiking and taking photos. Whenever I get some free time, I put my trainers on and I go on the hunt for the best viewpoints. The Samarian climate is perfect if you want to go walking for hours and get incredible shots, thanks to the contrasts here, which change with the wind-blown clouds’ movements.

Odile Harlaux

Odile Harlaux

Resident and Expert in Heritage and Nature in Amiens and the surrounding area

She is Amiens born and bred, and proud of it! I was born in Amiens and grew up in this city. I have childhood memories of wonderful walks in the Hortillonnages floating gardens and along the Somme tow path. These are now my favourite spots to come for a stroll in nature, which, all the same, are just a stone’s throw from the heart of my city. I am also fascinated by the history of the Battle of the Somme. I wanted to find out where two members of my family died. I did some research and I met a lot of interesting people who pointed me in the right direction. I eventually uncovered their story.

Julie Guerin

Expert in Heritage discovery tours in Amiens and the surrounding area

Amiens is MY city! I’m really fond of its narrow streets, its cathedral and the idyllic surroundings of the Hortillonages. I love meeting up with my friends at the Ad’Hoc Café in Saint Leu. It’s the perfect place for chatting and putting the world to rights over a glass of wine. My absolute favourite place is the Bouctot-Vagniez Hotel, which takes you back in time to the roaring twenties. When night falls, this hotel has a really romantic atmosphere, with its woodwork, large lamps and marble fireplaces.

Mathieu Zanetti

Mathieu Zanetti
Resident (and guide!), Expert in Walks and Heritage in Amiens

I was born and raised in Bourgogne, and arrived in Amiens in 2005. I fell in love with the city, not just because of its heritage (I have a degree in History, Culture and Heritage), but also because of how friendly it is. The people of Picardy are really warm and friendly, and I felt at home straight away.

Stéphanie Cadet

Stéphanie Cadet
Advisor at the Tourist Office, Expert in Family Outings in Amiens

Being a mum means you’re battling on all fronts and turning yourself into a superheroine or a Shiva. There’s no need for any how-tos or instructional guides. So having a bit of respite over a weekend when other people have thought up everything for you, it’s like you’ve hit the jackpot!!
So, it’s time for me to put my supermum costume and fly to your rescue...

Cédric Pégard

Cedric Pegard
Resident and Expert in Outings for Two in Amiens

I live right next to Amiens Cathedral with my wife. We roam all over the city together on long strolls! When we go on holiday, we are all about heading out on a road-trip! Personally, I love going where the feeling takes me without really planning in advance, and taking amazing photos. When I’m at home, I do DIY and I love making things with my hands. I also cook vegetables that I buy at the market and I try out things that I don’t normally eat with surprise flavours that generally work out... My other passion is music. I have played the trumpet for about twelve years and I’m a member of the Saint-Pierre d'Amiens harmony group.
On some weekends, we head out to the coast to unwind a bit and go on some wonderful walks.

Monia Bosco

Monia Bosco

Advisor at the Tourist Office, Expert in Outings in Amiens

I love how charming Amiens’ streets are. It makes them the ideal backdrop for a romantic stroll for two. If you’re looking for a walk along the river, you can wander through the Saint Leu district and amble along the towpath. When I’m looking to avoid the crowds on those beautiful summer days, I like taking a walk in the Madeleine Cemetery. I know suggesting a a romantic walk in a cemetery sounds a bit strange, but the Madeleine Cemetery is also a hilly romantic park where you can have a lovely amble. When wandering along the paths, visitors will come face to face with the resting places of Amiens’ greatest families, as well as Jules Vernes’ tomb.