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The Saint-Pierre Park is THE park known to every Amiénois, a stone's throw from the city centre, a must for relaxation and leisure for the whole family!

Balade au parc Saint-PierreBalade au parc Saint-Pierre - Laurent Rousselin - Amiens Métropole

Le Parc Saint-Pierre

Designed pursuant to standards of sustainable development (no watering is required, no phytosanitary products are used), it is the ideal place for a family picnic, a break to play football or basketball, or to ride a bike or swing for children. The many lakes with their ducks and swans also provide a moment of relaxation and fun.

A permanent orienteering course is now available in the Park with its 45 fixed posts, 25 markers on street furniture and 29 others on trees...  Orienteering means punching a sheet proving that you have discovered a numbered marker by following a precise map. This free fun activity can be enjoyed by everyone from 7 to 77 years old, on foot or by bike, for maintenance, competition or leisure, and even while walking! A way to enjoy the park, without a smartphone, looking at nature and in your trainers!

AgualunaAgualuna - © L.Rousselin

To the west, the plant "Labyrinth" with its light-coloured slabs reproduces that of the Cathedral, the ginkgo trees on the edge of the green amphitheatre, the water mirror of the pond and its network of canals, the water lily pond, the waterfall games...

Will you be able to find the works of the public commission "Au Fil de l'Eau", namely the Agualuna, a 40-metre long snake, created by Yolanda Gutierrez in 2000, which blends so well into the landscape that it becomes a familiar landmark? The artist Ayse Herkman has designed two identical ridges in painted concrete, one yellow and the other pink. They give walkers views of the flow of the Somme and the vegetation on its banks.

Le Jardin des Plantes - Laurent Rousselin

The Plants Garden

> Health pass not required
Regular garden of 9800 m² from the 18th century presenting botanical collections according to the theme: “Plants, Uses and Men”.
After passing through the alpine rock garden, you can discover the evolution of plants through the systematic collection, food plants, those used in medicine, as well as plants with various industrial uses. An educational beehive is accessible with a focus on the botanical family FABACEA. There is also a book box. A pretext for a walk, discovery or knowledge (each plant is labelled), it is a place for relaxation, education and exchange.  Labelled as a remarkable garden in 2013.

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Parc de la HotoieParc de la Hotoie - © Laurent Rousselin

Amiens still holds many treasures for nature lovers, for example:
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  • La Hotoie Park, the oldest park in the city, which includes the zoo
  • The Parc de l'Évêché, an English-style garden offering sublime views of the chevet, the spire and the north façade of the Cathedral. Clever: a footbridge leads directly to the old Saint Leu district...
  • Square Saint Denis, a public garden in the town centre, bordered by the imposing statue of Marshal Leclerc, a local child
  • Jules Bocquet Square with its pretty kiosk opposite the impressive Palais de Justice. It has recently been enhanced with a play area for young children on the theme of Jules Verne, a native of Amiens.
  • The Grand Marais park, at the western exit of the town, is ideal for walking and especially for sports with numerous fields, a covered hall and a skatepark for enthusiasts. Note that the “Sportez-vous bien - Enjoy sport” operation takes place there every summer!
  • The Madeleine Cemetery where Jules Verne and many others are buried. With a surface area of 18 hectares, it is also worth visiting for its wooded and hilly park...  Guided tours for individuals are regularly scheduled by the Heritage Department of Amiens Métropole d'Art et d'Histoire.
  • The Saint Acheul Archaeological Garden offers to immerse you in some 300,000 BC history...

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Cimetière Paysager de la Madeleine

Created in the 18th century on the site of an old lazaretto (leper hospital), the cemetery of La Madeleine is one of...

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Jardin Archéologique de Saint Acheul

Waiting to be discovered : Traditional park, water garden, English-style croquet lawn, underwood with shrubs and...

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Parc Saint-Pierre

Designed by the landscape gardener, Jacqueline Otsy, the Parc Saint-Pierre is a modern park with lots of water and...