The restaurants

Taste our specialities, they are on the menu in many restaurants. Fancy a taste of elsewhere? We offer cuisines from all over the world. Our brasseries and bistros can quickly cater to every need. We adapt to all appetites!

Tous les restaurantsTous les restaurants© Pixabay

All restaurants

Cuisine du monde Cuisine du monde© Pixabay

International cuisine

BrasserieBrasserie© Pixabay


Bars et petites faimsBars et petites faims© Pixabay

Bars and snacks

Cuisine saine et veggieCuisine saine et veggie© Pixabay

Healthy and veggie cuisine

TraiteursTraiteurs© Pixabay


Pauses gourmandesPauses gourmandes© Pixabay

Gourmet breaks

Cuisine localeCuisine locale© A.benoit

Local cuisine

Cuisine classiqueCuisine classique© Pixabay

Classic cuisine