The towpath and the Somme Valley cycle route

A walk along the water according to your desires or your mood is always enjoyable and surprising! You will have a front row seat to observe the particular fauna and flora of the wetlands, but you will also come across fishermen and pleasure boats or barges.

Chemin de HalageChemin de Halage - Laurent Rousselin - Amiens Métropole

A towpath runs along the Somme River from its source to the Bay. This was once used to pull boats by horse. The river also forms a mosaic of natural environments whose ecological wealth is now widely recognised.  The quality of the biodiversity is internationally recognised by the Ramsar label, placing the Somme at the crossroads of migrations (birds and fish). Wild salmon have also returned to these waters!

By bike or on foot on the towpath, or even more fun on the water at a peaceful pace, come and enjoy the delightful landscapes while savouring the moment...

Visiter les Hortillonnages en canoë-kayakVisiter les Hortillonnages en canoë-kayak - Somme Tourisme - JL

On foot or by bike, take the towpath to the Hortillonnages via the Canardière circuit for a bucolic stroll along the edge of houses and grounds that are crossed exclusively by means of footbridges, each one as colourful as the next.

The best way is to ride all or part of the Vallée de Somme cycle route, of which Amiens is halfway along the route: a must-see! Just picture 120 kms of pure happiness from Péronne to Saint-Valery-sur-Somme where you ride on a comfortable cycle track. You just follow the water and enjoy the historical and natural sights with its 26 lookouts and 8 houses of the Valley to help you!

For the more adventurous, there is the possibility of canoeing and kayaking in the Hortillonnages or elsewhere in the Somme with the nautical club of Rivery, the Chés Barboteux of Amiens or even in electric boats for a few hours in autonomy with Planet Nautic or Som'Nautic.

The last novelty is the stand up paddle with Le Grand Huit for a lot of memories!

To the west of the city, discover Amiens Cable Park, a water ski club where you can enjoy the thrilling pleasures of sliding in this ideal spot.

Etang Saint-LadreEtang Saint-Ladre - © DR

Finally, if you go as far as the National Nature Reserve of the Étang Saint Ladre in Boves in the Avre valley, then you must stop and see the sights: water bodies and marshes extend over more than 13 hectares. The nature reserve has widely varying ecosystems. The aquatic grass beds are evidence of the quality of the water.

The Grand Marais de la Queue in Blangy-Tronville is made up of a mosaic of environments including ponds, grazed meadows, thickets and woodlands. The regular maintenance of this peat bog makes it an important reservoir of biodiversity.

Amiens Cable Park

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La réserve Naturelle Nationale de l'Etang Saint Ladre

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