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Le Zoo d'AmiensLe Zoo d'AmiensPierre Bouthors
Le Pavillon BleuLe Pavillon Bleu - © B. Crochez

A zoological park just a stone's throw from the city centre

With the opening in 2020 of Archipelagos and Shores, the first areas of the park's extension and renovation project, the visitor trail will be enriched with new experiences and new species including the magnificent Sumatran tiger.

With the inauguration of the Blue Pavilion in 2021, the zoo's restaurant combining tradition and modernity. Indeed, this building on the waterfront is one of the last remaining Amiens guinguettes from the 19th century. On the menu: a locavore menu and home-made dishes!

The zoo of tomorrow is now a vehicle for raising awareness of the protection of biodiversity. It offers an exceptional 7-hectare interlude located a stone's throw from Amiens city centre, where plants and animals can be discovered along the water.

The Amiens Zoo's educational department also organises shows, themed visits, exhibitions and workshops, supporting a rich scientific and artistic programme throughout the year.

A real island of biodiversity, combining calm, nature and a change of scenery.

The animals at the Amiens Zoo

Amiens Zoo houses more than a hundred animal species and houses nearly 500 animals that are ambassadors for vulnerable ecosystems. The park plays an important role in the protection of endangered species and the advancement of scientific research.

The scientific collections presented to the public include mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and insects from all five continents. The vast majority of the animals come from other European zoos, or sometimes from further afield. The most endangered species are transferred within the framework of international rescue programmes, within the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA). Amiens Zoo is home to nearly 30 species considered endangered in the wild.

At the same time, Amiens Zoo finances numerous international in situ conservation projects: protection of red pandas in Nepal, rehabilitation of Asian hornbills in India, reintroduction of the crested tortoise in Senegal, protection of the pinched tamarin in Colombia, etc.

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La Chambre d'Amiens

You'll like its location near the Zénith, exhibition centre, race course and its car park.

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Le BMB Amiens

Pavillon Bleu

Le Pavillon Bleu

You will appreciate : The preserved guinguette style and the location near the zoo

Zoo d'Amiens

Amiens zoo extends over 7 hectares and is home to 320 representatives of 79 different species from all the world!