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Notre-Dame d'Amiens s’habille en Chroma


Just 15 years after the show "Amiens, the Cathedral in colours", Notre-Dame d'Amiens is putting on a new show, revealing all its secrets from the 15th June to the 17th September 2017.


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Art, Cities, Landscape: The 2017 Festival

For the 8th edition of the "Art, Cities and Landscape " Festival, you can explore the Hortillonnages, (floating gardens) in a boat that will take you along cultural and artistic shores, from 17th June 17 to 15th October, 2017. Breath in the air around you and let yourself be carried away by this festival that takes a refreshing look upon the landscapes shaped by Man.

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A thoroughly modern bike ride in Amiens

The Amiens Métropole tourist office offers you the opportunity to take part in the final guided bike ride of the season on Saturday 26 August, on the theme "Amiens, the modern city". A lovely ride for visitors as well as for those who live in the city!

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