Amiens by Whatizis

Scan, explore and let yourself be carried away... Whatizis, the first mobile application for visual monument recognition, is coming to Amiens!


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Thanks to the innovative, free Whatizis application, you can discover Amiens' must-see sights, as well as its little-known gems. This fun, intuitive solution lets you instantly identify the monuments around you from a photo.


An instant audio guide

Suitable for outdoor visits, Amiens by Whatizis offers audio content that gives you the essentials about the monuments, as well as more detailed information prepared by guide-lecturers. You'll also find a photo gallery for each location.

To discover the city and its treasures in 90 minutes, you can use the app's first walking tour, Amiens must-sees.

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Ready to explore Amiens with Whatizis?

After downloading and installing the free application on your smartphone, all you have to do is take a photo of a building, a sculpture or a work of art... and Whatizis will reveal the secrets of the point of interest that is revealed right before your eyes and that arouses your curiosity! You can also use the interactive map to go in search of the city's treasures.

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30 monuments to look at from a different angle

Among the 30 sites featured on the solution, you'll find the must-see UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Notre Dame Cathedral and the Belfry, as well as lesser-known monuments that are sometimes intriguing but always surprising (the water tower, the church of Saint-Honoré, the Man with the Buoy, etc.), not forgetting a few gems from the metropolitan area, such as Bertangles and Longueau.

  • Cathédrale Notre-Dame
  • Maison du pèlerin
  • Maison de l’architecte
  • Tour Perret
  • Musée de Picardie
  • Horloge Dewailly
  • Beffroi
  • Citadelle
  • Palais de justice
  • Maison du Sagittaire
  • Logis du Roy
  • Cirque Jules Verne
  • Maison de Jules Verne
  • Hôtel de ville
  • L'Homme sur sa bouée
  • Eglise Saint-Honoré
  • Hôtel Bouctot-Vagniez
  • Château d'eau
  • Pavillon Bleu
  • Halle Freyssinet
  • Théâtre (LCL)
  • Façade Art Déco (rue Cauvin)
  • L'épopée de Gilgamesh (Poes & Jo Ber)
  • Cité-jardin de Longueau
  • Eglise Saint-Vincent de Bertangles
  • Château de Bertangles
  • Eglise Saint-Vaast de Cardonette
  • Eglise Saint-Médard de Longueau
  • Les Hortillonnages
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