International Garden Festival - Hortillonnages Amiens

The Hortillonnages, a nature puzzle located in the heart of town, will host landscape and artistic creations from 24 May to 13 October 2024 as part of the International Garden Festival - Hortillonnages Amiens. Get ready for an aesthetic, lyrical adventure!

FIJ Hortillonnages Amiens - Seeks ShenaFIJ Hortillonnages Amiens - Seeks Shena - Yann Monel

The remarkable setting of the Hortillonnages becomes the creative ground for young landscape and traditional artists...

Spread over different plots located by the Clermont pond in Camon and Rivery, and on Île aux Fagots in Amiens, the International Garden Festival - Hortillonnages Amiens has around fifty productions to discover on foot or by boat.

These works create a lyrical journey that invites you to take a contemplative, amusing, critical or curious look at the complex environment, the history and future of these floating gardens.

FIJ Hortillonnages Amiens - Morisseau Florent & GrégoryFIJ Hortillonnages Amiens - Morisseau Florent & Grégory - Yann Monel



Visit the festival on foot


Head to Île aux Fagots, accessible from 43 Chemin de Halage in Amiens, for a discovery walk.

Free, open access for a stroll, from 12.30pm to 7.00pm.

FIJ Hortillonnages Amiens - Ambiances BFIJ Hortillonnages Amiens - Ambiances B - Yann Monel

Visit the festival by boat

Aboard an electric motor boat, equipped with a route map, discover these works like Robinson Crusoe...

Meet at Port à Fumier, 35 Rue Roger Allou in Camon, for a 2 hour 30 visit at your own pace to the plots set up around the Clermont pond.

Paid access.

To reserve a boat, click here or call 06 78 53 55 92 (reservation possible at the opening of the festival).


Rates for renting a boat for 1 or 2 people €20, for 3 or 4 people €27 and for 5 or 6 people €32 + ASCO fee per person for maintenance of the rivers (€1 for 11 years and over, €0.50 for 3 to 10-year-olds).

© L'auberge des Hortillonnages

L'Auberge des Hortillonnages

You will appreciate : The Chef’s inventive cooking that revisits local products (vegetables from the Hortillon, locally...

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Club Nautique de Rivery

Canoe/kayak hire or guided trips in the Hortillonnages (marsh gardens) and Avre valley.

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