By bike / Services and equipment for people with specific needs

Promenade à vélo sur le chemin de HalageVélo - CRT HDF - A.S Flament

• Agence Buscyclette
Gare d’Amiens – Niveau inférieur - 47 place Alphonse Fiquet
Tél. : +33 (0)3 22 71 51 11

The Buscyclette agency is fully accessible to all. This structure has equipment for hire for people with reduced mobility:

    2 rollfiets (bicycles with wheelchairs. You need to be accompanied by an able-bodied person). These bikes are suitable for all wheelchair users.
    Nearly 1,000 electrically-assisted bicycles allow people with heart or breathing problems to cycle effortlessly.
    1 tandem bike for visually impaired people.
    2 tricycles for people with balance problems.

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Zoom sur les vélos verts de l'agence VELAMVelam - © Vélam

24/24h et 7/7j

Amiens offers a self-service bicycle rental system. This service is already adapted to the hearing impaired as it is equipped with the services offered by the company ACCEO.

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