Accounts from the past, remembered today

So that the memories of these “travelling soldiers” live on forever, or when small moments from history show us a view of the bigger picture

Cérémonie de l'Anzac Day à Villers-Bretonneux

Traces of The Great War are visible all around our département, especially in the east: in villages wiped out then rebuilt in an Art Déco style (such as Albert), or in remnants found in fields or during construction works. 

The duty of remembrance is as strong as ever, living on even in younger generations, as the 240,000 something brits who visit the circuit du souvenir (route of remembrance) every year are testament to.

1,2 millionshuman lives lost
381villages wiped off the map
4 000photographic plates in Vignacourt
3 000pieces of graffiti in Naours
25th of AprilANZAC DAY

On August 8th, 2018, His Royal Highness, Prince William, representing Great Britain, as well as the highest dignitaries from Australia, Canada, France and America came to commemorate the Centenary of the Battle of Amiens, which was decisive and represented the end of the German advance.

After this battle, the German forces would steadily retreat until the Armistice of November 11th.