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amiens macaronAmiens macaron - as_flamen


If you only try one of Amiens’ many specialities, make it the Macaron d'Amiens!
It is a delicious cake, made with almonds and honey, with a soft middle. The Amiens macaron is different from other macarons made with meringue. It is more like a soft biscuit. 

Amiens chocolate tuiles are another speciality of Amiens. A thin slice of chocolate with almonds, it is available in dark chocolate, with a high cocoa content, in milk chocolate, for more sweetness, or in white chocolate or orange chocolate.... You simply cannot miss it! But which one to go for... Why not all of them !


Pâté de CanardPâté de Canard - AS Flament

Some of the specialities:

Hortillonnages vegetables Grown in the fertile Hortillonnages soil, the radishes, cauliflowers, turnips, lettuce, carrots and leeks are sold at local markets, including one of Saturday mornings, on Place Parmentier. 8 market gardeners grow their vegetables in the hortillonnages.

Paté de Canard en Croûte, a speciality created in 1643 was celebrated by Madame de Sévigné in the 17th century. The original recipe for Duck Pate en Croûte has been enriched with pistachios and foie gras.

Local beers: in the Somme and particularly in Amiens, breweries offer delicious craft beers. Find Chroma beer at the Tourist Office for an original gift.


During your stay, visit the markets to meet the producers of our region. Lively events not to be missed!





Dessert - Moulin des Ecrevisses

From vegetable patch to plate

Treat yourself to a great culinary experience by supporting the restaurateurs of Greater Amiens and the Hauts de France!  

Buying a gift voucher means supporting local gastronomy while sharing a great moment! The establishments offer culinary experiences specific to their identity and their region. Find them on:

Gâteau BattuGâteau Battu - © ADRT80-Ab


Gâteau Battu recipe 


> 125g flour > 5 egg yolks > 85g sugar 
> 125 g butter > yeast > 1 pinch of salt  

1/ In a bowl, mix the flour, egg yolks, yeast, sugar, salt and warmed butter.
2/ Knead the mixture for 20 to 25 minutes and leave to rest for an hour.  
3/ When the dough has risen in the mould, fold it over. Leave it to rest for another hour.
4/ Fold it over again.
5/ Pour it into the buttered moulds to a quarter of their height.
6/ Let the dough rise. It should take 60 to 90 minutes.
7/ Bake in a hot oven at 170° for about 20 minutes.





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