Aronnax: in the footsteps of Jules Verne

Aronnax, a 2.6 km route through the city, leads you in the footsteps of Jules Verne across Amiens.

Amiens Métropole

In the footsteps of the most translated French writer in the world

Aronnax is a route dedicated to the life and creative genius of Jules Verne. Through 16 panels scattered around the city, discover the places that marked the daily life and works of the author. From the Tourist Office to his grave, explore the Amiens of Jules Verne...  This is your chance to (re)discover famous places such as the Jules Verne House, as well as bringing a few unknown treasures back into the spotlight, such as the Pavillon d'Octroi, beautifully enhanced for the occasion by illustrator Chloé Cruchaudet.

An amazing journey 

If the tour is about the daily life in Amiens of the author of Extraordinary Voyages, it is also a tribute to his creative genius. Named after the hero of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Aronnax is an excursion into the Vernian universe. Each of the desks and the associated contents are written by specialists who inform us about his life and his novels. Thus, some of the steps plunge us into the fantastic universe of Jules Verne's novels; the most monumental being the immersive installation located at the train station where a sound and light show can be seen between 5:30 and 9:30 pm.



An interactive route

The panels along the route feature a QR code offering you access to new and unexpected content. Videos, quizzes for children or excerpts from novels and speeches by the author, brought to life by the actor Jean-Michel Noirey – dive into the world of Jules Verne!

Before you begin:

  • A smartphone is recommended but far from mandatory.
  •  All additional content accessible via the QR Code is translated into seven languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian and Mandarin.
  •  The entire route takes between 40 and 80 minutes to complete: 40 minutes if you want to quickly explore only the route contained within the city centre. 80 minutes if you take your time and visit the Madeleine cemetery. This option offers a pleasant walk around the city in 80 minutes (can you spare the time?)
  • This route can be discovered alone, with friends or with family! All panels and associated content are suitable for both children and adults. Quizzes and videos have been designed especially with little ones in mind.

More information:

The Aronnax course aims to be both scalable and accessible. Six stages will be made accessible to people with disabilities in the second half of the year, thanks to a kit allowing visitors to experience the route in a sensory way.

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