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Château Fort de Rambures


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Listed as an historical monument in 1840, this remarkable example of 15th century military architecture is a starred attraction in the Michelin Green Guide and features in France Miniature. This powerful fortress with enormous round towers linked by curtain walls with machicolations and 'chemin de ronde' (high level path round battlements) was designed to resist the artillery of the time. Take a guided tour of the interior, converted in the 18th century into a country residence with (among others) a neo-Gothic style dining room and Picardy furniture from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. King Henri IV slept in the 'chambre du roi' on several occasions.
Park with "Jardin remarquable" label and rose garden.

Fermé certains jours fériés :
1st of January - 24th of December