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Cité Souterraine de Naours

Archaeology, cave

80260 NAOURS
Tél : +33 3 22 93 71 78
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The limestone of the Picardy plateau was dug out in many places to form refuges. These refuges were called "muches" (hideouts in Picard language). Those in Naours, rediscovered at the end of the last century, are the largest known: all the underground areas combined can house around 2,600 people with their livestock. The layout is remarkable: around 300 chambers, public squares, stables, wells, chimneys, and a chapel with three naves. These underground areas were used by the British forces during the First World War and were used as the headquarters of the German forces during the second world war. Exhibitions of traditional trades.
In the park: games, 2 windmills from the 18th century.

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1st of May