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International Garden Festival: Hortillonnages Amiens
Exhibition / Fair / Open Day-Leisure activities and relaxation

Du 29/05/2021 au 17/10/2021

Take the time to stop and admire unique landscapes and to play at Robinson Crusoe on foot or by boat in the famous Amiens Hortillonnages.
Thanks to the gardens and the installations imagined by young landscape designers and artists from around the world, the International Garden Festival: Hortillonnages Amiens is one of the region’s must-see family and cultural events. Visitors marvel at these gardens that magnify this natural paradise in an urban environment!
The Hortillonnages are accessible from Amiens station, the cathedral and the city centre on foot or by bike, taxi or bus.
The creations are installed on the Île aux Fagots, Île Robinson, Chemin du Malaquis and around Étang de Clermont.
Several tours are possible on foot or by boat to visit the festival. Open 7/7

Jardins paysagers des Hortillonnages d'Amiens
35 Rue Roger Allou Accueil au Port à fumier
Summer in Amiens
Initiation-For young people-Leisure activities and relaxation

Du 05/07/2021 au 29/08/2021 de 11:00 à 19:00

UN ÉTÉ A AMIENS (Summer in Amiens) offers you the possibility to have fun, relax, and share an excellent moment with all the family. Once again this year, Parc Saint-Pierre will be transformed into an entertainment park to become your favourite summer meeting place. In a summer ambience that is specially created for the occasion, enjoy the many areas devoted to play, relaxation and food!

Boulevard de Beauvillé
Site internet :
The Chés Cabotans d’Amiens summer, tourist and cultural season
Exhibition / Fair / Open Day-For young people-Leisure activities and relaxation-Theater

Du 09/07/2021 au 14/08/2021

The Amiens puppet theatre has put together a summer for all - big and small alike!
With traditional farces, shows for children, and workshops and tours, Chés Cabotans has something for everyone! At the Chés Cabotans Theatre you’ll find all kinds of ways to amuse yourself and your family, with, first of all, the return of two traditional farces: ‘Pierre et le Loup’ (Peter and the Wolf) and ‘l'Attaque d'apoplexie’ (The Fit of Apoplexy). Lafleur will also hold fun workshops for young audiences.

The exhibition : From the golden age of puppetry at the beginning of the 19th century to the beginnings of the Chés Cabotans theatre in 1997 in the iconic Saint Leu neighbourhood—delve into the history of the troupe created by Maurice Domon in 1933—and of our local hero Lafleur.
This tour is supplemented by a presentation of part of the puppet backdrop and puppetry accessories.
Free visit on performance days: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm.

Picardy Théâtre d'animation, Chés Cabotans d'Amien
31, Rue Edouard David
Chroma, the Monumental Experience of Amiens Cathedral
Leisure activities and relaxation-Show

Du 12/07/2021 au 31/07/2021 de 22:30 à 23:20
Du 01/08/2021 au 31/08/2021 de 22:00 à 22:50
Du 01/09/2021 au 12/09/2021 de 21:45 à 22:35

The Chroma light show uses colour as the guiding line for an immersive experience in the heart of a contemporary scenario. From the blue that evokes the dye merchants who contributed to the funding of the monument to a new polychromatic restitution, the highlight of this journey through time, the interplay of illumination and mystery on the cathedral continue to fascinate.

Place Notre-Dame