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May at the Musée de Picardie

May, a month at the Musée de Picardie... Not quite, but although it is closed, the museum is offering a rich and varied program for the month of May. An opportunity to continue to enjoy its treasures before it reopens in 2019 !





• Extra-mural exhibition "Corps à l'épreuve": From May 15th to July 6th

From May 15th to July 6th, and as part of the "Second Souffle" festival, Second Wind, the Musée de Picardie is installing some of its works representing the suffering human body at Café Noir in Le Safran. A particularly inspiring theme for many artists, you will find drawings, sculptures and paintings illustrating the body under stress.

A number of activities based around the exhibition will be held in different parts of the city:


  • Conference: The Body at Work in the Art of the 19th Century: May 3rd at 18:30

Echoing the Fête du Travail, Labour Day, this conference, held by Guillaume Raimond, PhD student in Art History at the Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, will introduce the Hors-les-Murs Extra-mural Exhibition by looking at the body at work from the Industrial Revolution to the First World War.

Venue: The Charles Pinsard Auditorium in the Louis Aragon Library

Registration and information: +33 322 971400 or by e-mail: : reservation.museesamiens@amiens-metropole.com


  • Guided tour of "Corps à l'épreuve", May 29th

"Corps à l'épreuve", Body under Stress exhibition visit with commentary by Laure Dalon and François Séguin, curators of the exhibition.

Location: Le SAFRAN, reservation +33 322 696600

  • Picnic visit around the exhibition, May 30th

Picnic visit around the "Corps à l'épreuve" exhibition by Laure Dalon and François Séguin, curators of the exhibition.

Location: Le SAFRAN, reservation +33 322 696600


• European Museums Night: May 19th, from 16:00 to 22:00


To mark the occasion, the Musée de Picardie will walk you through the streets of the city. In the company of actors, musicians, art history students and secondary school students, from the city centre to Le Safran via the St-Leu district, discover unknown works from the museum in the heart of the city!

- Picardy Museum (opening of the central aisle)
- Town Hall
- Hôtel de Préfecture (County Hall)
- Théâtre des Cabotans (opening for marionette shows at 20:30, 21:00 and 21:30)
Reservations on +33 322 971400, the number of seats is limited to 30 people per performance.
- Le Safran
- Place du Don - the terrace at Quai Bélu
- House of Jules Verne

Practical information:
Free of charge
Registration and inquiries: +33 322.971400 or by e-mail:: reservation.museesamiens@amiens-metropole.com
The full programme for Museums Night can be found on the website: : https://www.amienscope.fr/event/1564


• Appetisers: The Museum at the Town Hall, May 23rd

The Salle des Fêtes in the Town Hall has a few secrets tucked away, including five floral paintings from the museum's collections. One of them, "Flowers and Fruits" by Emma Desportes de la Fosse (1810 - 1869), will be highlighted to illustrate the passion for flowers in the 19th century and the place of women artists in producing pictures at that time.

To mark the occasion, the Espaces Verts d'Amiens Métropole Green Spaces teams have a surprise in store for you.

Meeting place: Town hall - Cour d'honneur
Rates: €4/€3 and €2; Free for subscribers
Registration and inquiries: +33 322.971400 or by e-mail: : reservation.museesamiens@amiens-metropole.com