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Coaches parking in Amiens

Due to the Port d'Aval free long-term car park for tourist buses closure, the parking of buses in Amiens will proceed according to the following information.


Now, tourist buses are welcome to park in rue Sully.

Coaches access 2019


To facilitate access to tourist sites and improve bus traffic in the city centre, Amiens Métropole provides free drop-off areas close to the main places of interest :

Stationnement des cars de tourisme 2019


Rue des Francs Mûriers : drop-off area to access the Cathedral > 2 buses, reserved for buses over 12m (maximum 10 minutes)
Cathedral : drop-off area > 2 buses (maximum 10 minutes)
Boulevard du Cange : drop-off area to access Quai Bélu > 1 bus (maximum 10 minutes)
Hortillonnages (floating gardens): 5 buses
Zoological Park : 3 buses
Jules Verne House : 1 bus
Jules Verne Circus : 1 bus


To download : Plan du centre-ville 2018