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DELAYED / From Earth to Heaven Concert in Amiens

From Earth to Heaven

/!\ Event delayed to spring 2021.

To celebrate the 800th anniversary of Amiens Cathedral and the 35th anniversary of the Picardie University Orchestra, musicians including students, teachers, employees, and retirees are all coming together to perform a diverse repertoire for the public’s pleasure.







The Cathedral : a home for music

To celebrate its 800th anniversary with the public, our beautiful Cathedral will be lucky enough to host a large number of musicians from far and wide within its walls. As well as the 50 visiting musicians, the concert will also be performed in partnership with the Beauvais Cantus Felix Choir. This concert draws inspiration Mozart's Commandments Mass.

The programme being offered by the Picardie University Orchestra, entitled “From Earth to Heaven”, showcases two inseparable and deeply entwined aspects of our Cathedral : built for God but by man, while being a prime example of the expression of human genius, symbolising the meeting of the material and spiritual realms.

The orchestra will be performing works carefully chosen to illustrate the four elements that allowed for the construction of this esteemed structure :

· Water, through Debussy's “Cathédrale Engloutie”, orchestrated by conductor Luc Bonnaillie.
· Fire, through extracts of Stravinsky's “The Firebird”.
· Earth, through Mendelssohn’s “The Hebrides”.
· Air, through a commissioned contemporary composition from Canadian composer Guy Bacos: “Mourning”. This piece will also showcase a very young cello soloist, Antoine Trouvé.
· And to finish, “Domine Deus, Deus Pater”, an extract from “Gloria” by Francis Poulenc.


This all represents much more than a simple concert programme; it is a fresco illustrating the Cathedral’s journey.



Useful information

Event at the Notre-Dame Cathedral
Concert at 8pm
Paid entry with reservation required
Prices : €5 full price ticket, €5 reduced price ticket, free entry for children under 12.
Ticket office : Royez Music, rue des Vergeaux, Amiens
Amiens Tourist Office every Saturday from 9:30am to 6pm
> Online tickets


Further information

Picardie University Orchestra
Tel : 03 22 95 19 87