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Notre-Dame d'Amiens s’habille en Chroma


Just 15 years after the show "Amiens, the Cathedral in colours", Notre-Dame d'Amiens is putting on a new show, revealing all its secrets from the 15th June to the 17th September 2017.


This summer discover Amiens’ Notre-Dame Cathedral as you’ve never seen it before. From the 15th June until the 17th September, the city’s most well-known monument unveils its newest arrival “Chroma”.

With an original and unprecedented staging, admire a project again by Amiens and supervised by the Société Spectre Lab, helped by the scientific expertise of Michel Pastoureau, historian of the symbolism of colours for the new restitution through polychromes. The agency Start-Rec, founded by Alex Jeffray, composer and sound designer, also worked on the orchestra project of the soundtrack to accompany the polychromies.

Focusing on the restitution of polychromes in previous years, you will become immersed in the redefinition of fascinating and symbolic paintings of gothic architecture.

So this summer, come discover the monumental construction of the Cathedral adorned with its mysterious, enigmatic and impressive facade and let yourself be carried away by an incredible experience, brimming with emotion.