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Les animations autour du 14 juillet à Amiens

The highlight of the Fête Nationale (National Holiday) this year in Amiens will be the arrival of the 8th stage of the Tour de France 2018 and the festivities around 14th July ... which will begin on the 13th.


Fête Nationale: A dance, concerts and firework display

To celebrate France's national holiday, the City of Amiens is offering a local dance, which will instead take place on 13th July this year in the Hôtel de Ville due to the Tour de France arriving on Saturday 14th July in Amiens.
Fireworks and concerts will be held on 14th July.


Friday 13th July in the courtyard of the Hotel de Ville

9.30 a.m.: The Fête Nationale official ceremony
7.00 p.m.: Bal musette (Dance accompanied by the accordion) with Mathieu Chocat

The artist, born in 1976, discovered music at the age of 7 with the saxophone and then at 12, took up the accordion when he was given one for Christmas by his parents. This was the start of a long and successful career.

Both composing and arranging music, he joined SACEM in 1992 and became a permanent member in 2005. His orchestra is now made up of some of the most prestigious professional musicians from a wide range of musical backgrounds.

For several decades, he has been travelling around France to host some of the country’s biggest dance and private party events.


Saturday 14th July

Around 3.45 p.m.: A surprise at Tour Perret !


The Hôtel de Ville courtyard
4.00 to 8.00 p.m: Musical performances from local bands. For this event with an outdoor audience for the Tour de France, the City of Amiens is featuring artists from the local area.


Double T
This mix of airy sounds and thoughtful texts like those of Lomepal and Romeo Elvis, has allowed Amiens born Double T, to make it to the Main Square Festival 2018 and share the stage with Nekfeu, IAM and Orelsan. The two charismatic rappers, Theo and T-High will immerse their audience into the Somnium, a world as dark as it is light.



The S
A guitar, microphone, looper and that's it! At 24, The S. decided to build her project according to the sounds and tones that rock her in her daily life. She leads you through a range of different sounds from pop, rock, folk, rhythm rap and hip hop.

Moon in June
Moon in June is a pop rock trio, native from the Hauts-de-France (Amiens/Saint-Quentin),crossroad between electro, trip hop, rock and "shoegaze". The saturated guitars get intertwined with the low-dubs, the smooth voice can take sometimes a raspy tone sometimes an hip-hop one, the hanging pianos and the surrounding samples let themselves leave into a progressive spiral.


With an original character with many sides, Edgär bares their pop soul to us. Working through vocal harmonies in heady melodies, the pair eclipse each other and all that is left is their interpretation of intimate words, a true sign of the unity between these two friends from Amiens.

On stage, their vocals rise in unison to warm up and electrify the entire venue. Performing live, Edgär turns into a timeless entity, a gentle cocoon that openly brings the artists and audience together.

No introduction necessary for Dust. This international cover band is made up of 4 musicians. Performing endless concerts around the world, the band relies on the energy and originality of their repertoire. Their non-stop music passes from one era to another and from one artist to another all the time capturing and holding the audience in suspense.



8.00 to 10.00 p.m.: The Voice of Johnny show with Jean-Baptiste Guegan

It was in December 2017, the month of Johnny Hallyday's death, that "The Voice of Johnny with Jean-Baptiste Guegan", project began. This vibrant musical has rapidly taken shape as a powerful tribute to this idol to the whole of France. The carefully orchestrated staging and lighting is the work of Jocelyn Morel...
A show troubled by this fan's story, with an amazing Johnny Hallyday impersonator who is also known as Johnny Junior. This is the story of a team, Johnny's fans, singers, musicians, backing vocalists, actors, technicians from an impressive cast who accompany Jean-Baptiste on stage ... Using all their expertise they pay the greatest of tributes to this giant of the stage.


Saint-Pierre Park

11.00 p.m.: La Petite Reine Firework display
Lasts 20 minutes
This show, featuring the voices of Jean Amadou and Pierre Douglas, is a tribute to cycling and "La Petite Reine". More than a means of transport and more than just a sport, it represents a way of life. From velocipedes to mountain biking today, "La Petite Reine" tells us about its growth, its life in the world of sport, through the music and history of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Pyrotechnic frescoes will ignite the stage area. Three floating pontoons will light up the water. Fire will flood the sky and unveil amazing effects to illuminate the Tour de France's story. The show is at times gentle and delicate and at others, strong and unpredictable presenting a universal and poetic language to enrich the story it portrays.


Arrival of the Tour de France on 14th July in Amiens


Next Saturday 14th July, the city of Amiens will host the 8th stage of the Tour de France’s 105th edition. In the morning, the peloton will start from Dreux for a 181km stage including 7.8 km through Amiens city centre.

The racers will cross the D210 and arrive by Salouël. They will then follow Avenue des Facultes, Rue Jean Moulin, Boulevard de Chateaudun (underpass), Boulevard de Dury, Boulevard Saint-Quentin, Rue Saint-Fuscien, Place du Marechal Foch, Les Boulevards Belfort and Alsace-Lorraine, Port d'Amont, Place Parmentier, Rue Vanmarcke, Rue des Francs Mûriers, Place Vogel, Boulevard Port d'Aval and Boulevard du Port, to reach the finish line on Boulevard Faidherbe at around 3.30 p.m.



Entertainment in the city centre will be offered in collaboration the Tour de France official partners:


Place René Goblet

Village Carrefour, from 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.: A bike discovery booth, local products tasting, football, big screen for live stage broadcasting...


Around cycling

Around 1 pm: 10 licensed cyclists from local clubs will be able to ride the last 10 kilometres before taking part in the caravan and be among the Tour de France racers.
1:45 pm: The advertising caravan passage made up of 160 vehicles including around thirty brands and companies


15h30 : Arrival of the Tour de France

All these events will be commented by a Tour de France speaker and all the racers will have their photo taken on the official podium located at Place Foch.

The city centre will be accessible by car via the Paris and Rouen road junctions to Esplanade Branly and up to 12.30 a.m. Traffic will circulate in the city centre all day and parking will remain open. Leaving the city will be via Rue du Marechal, Rue de Lattre and Rue de Tassigny. The city centre will remain accessible to pedestrians and bicycles throughout the day.