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A walk around Amiens with a Greeter

A Greeter will be happy to take you on a walk without prior booking: each walk is unique, designed around you and the time you have available. Whether you are travelling alone, or with friends or family (maximum 6 people) come along and enjoy a stroll with your local Amiens Greeter.


As if you were among friends…

"What we are offering, quite simply, is the chance to see real everyday life in our town, its markets, shops, restaurants…"


During your walk our Greeters, local Amiens' people who all love their hometown, will be happy to show you some of their favourite hidden corners and tell you all sorts of tales about the town. Let us know what interests you so we can show you a part of town that corresponds to your interests, at your own pace.


We are all volunteers who live in Amiens and members of the France Greeters Federation. We want to show visitors "our Amiens", the one we would show to our friends. We aren't guides or interpreters or academics, just local people who love our beautiful city, speak several languages and enjoy meeting and sharing with strangers to Amiens, our region or France.


During your walk, your "Greeter" will take you through an area they love, be it for its history, its architecture, its markets, its cafes, its local industry or its artists…


But even better, your Greeter will be happy to share their experiences and tell you stories about the area, tell you where to get the best… and of course answer any questions you have so that you can really understand the town and its surroundings. Time together that we hope you will remember forever."


Choose a theme for your walk :

- The district of Saint- Acheul

- A tour of the town

- The town centre

- Amiens' old town


Amiens welcomes you : https://amiens.greeters.fr/

Greeters de France : https://greeters.fr/