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Let's go for the 39th edition of the Amiens International Film Festival

The meeting is scheduled for the 39th Amiens International Film Festival. From 15 to 23 November 2019, an eclectic programme will be on offer throughout the city!




For its 39th edition, which will take place from 15 to 23 November 2019, the Amiens International Film Festival (FIFAM) is offering a panorama of cinemas around the world, making the festival a major international film event.


Some thirty new movies will be presented in competition: 10 fiction feature films, 8 documentaries, 12 short films.
Khadja NIN, Burundian artist and woman of commitments will chair the jury, which will include Jean-Claude CASADESUS (conductor), Akli TADJER (writer), Isabelle RAVENTÓS (producer), Amobé MÉVÉGUÉ (journalist).



The invited country will be Spain in 5 programs:


- Luis BUÑUEL, surrealist: presented by his friend and accomplice Jean-Claude CAREER.
- The myth of Carmen through world cinema: from Otto PREMINGER (USA) to Mark DORNFORD-MAY (South Africa) and Carlos SAURA.
- Women filmmakers: new talents. A series of films by Spanish women filmmakers, most of them unpublished in France.
- The Spanish avant-garde: weaving a narrative around film practices produced in Spain in recent decades. Cinema, as a common thread that intertwines the implicit narratives of the intimate history of Spanish cinema.
- Fantastic cinema night: Alex DE LA IGLESIA, Vicente ARANDA and Alejandro AMENÁBAR one night to shiver together.


Prestigious guests:


An opportunity to meet Jean-Jacques ANNAUD whose career is international and who will give a film lesson and present the film Soleil Ô by Med HONDO to who we will pay tribute.
Claire SIMON will meet us to explore her unique work.
The Afghan director Atiq RAHIMI will present his latest film shot in Rwanda in preview and the actress Maria DE MEDEIROS will accompany the very first French screening of the film Dos Fridas (Ishtar Yasin Gutierrez).


Among the main events:


"Trav aïe", from fulfilment to disenchantment
Film the work, a programme of debates and meetings with, among others, Nicolas PHILIBERT, Nicolas KLOTZ and Elisabeth PERCEVAL.
Not to mention the young audience with the screening of many films for young and old, including a cycle of Czech poetic films.
Africa of yesterday and today: The Heritage of African cinema will also be at the heart of the festival, with a cycle of restored films and recent films from Africa and the Caribbean.
French premieres will be held in the presence of the film teams and a professional meeting will be held on access to film financing.
To find out everything about the Amiens International Film Festival, it's here.


Practical information

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