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CANCELLED / The Spring Réderie in Amiens

This coming 19th April, the city of Amiens will wake up to a festive atmosphere for its traditional spring Réderie! More than 2,000 exhibitors made up of antique dealers and enthusiasts, are getting ready to take part in this huge vide grenier, (second-hand goods sale).

/!\ Event cancelled.







With around 80,000 visitors, the Réderie in Amiens is now considered the second largest event of its kind, after Lille’s flea market.

The city of Amiens receives amateur stallholders and a large number of professional merchants—around 700 of a total of 2,000, as well as foreign sellers.

The Réderies are so famous that visitors even come from as far as Belgium, the Netherlands and England, what is more, the major benefit of this event is that it takes place right in the city centre, close to restaurants and shops.There's no question of heading out of town for Amiens locals as everyone is here.


At five o'clock in the morning, the city begins to buzz with activity and all the excitement of unpacking and getting ready. It's great fun to stroll among the stalls searching for your perfect little piece of treasure. Perhaps it's a comic book, a steel watering can, a rare 45" vinyl record that you thought you would never find or a beautiful cherry table that you spotted that morning in the back of a truck, for one day the city of Amiens transforms into a veritable treasure trove!

And when hunger strikes, young and old alike can treat themselves to grilled meats, chips, or pastries while taking a short break in the heart of the city.



Further information :

Association des Commerçants du Quartier des Halles
Tél. : 06 78 04 71 20 ou 03 22 92 90 10


Fédération des Associations de Commerçants d'Amiens
Tél. : 03 22 72 14 09 ou 06 85 03 33 59