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Quartier Saint Leu

Want a change of pace

Set off immediately for a new destination.
1 hour from Paris by train, 2 hours from Brussels by car, let Amiens surprise you!
As a couple, with the family or with friends, here are a few suggestions for a breath of fresh air, without travelling far.




First time...

You’ve heard about the Notre-Dame cathedral, you’ve read about it in a magazine, but you're still wondering what there is to do in Amiens. Here are some ideas for ready-made short breaks, or some suggestions for you to organise your own weekend.

Amiens: a city waiting to be discovered

If you’re passionate about art and history, if you love gardens or if you’re a dreamer, take the time to explore Amiens and its surrounds. From the colours of the Notre-Dame cathedral to Jules Verne’s House, Amiens has many sides to offer. Follow the guide…

Amiens: the ideal occasion

You’re waiting for a particular event to come and visit Amiens: the future dates for a night out, the réderie flea market, the film festival or the Christmas market…