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Parks and gardens

Le parc Saint-Pierre à Amiens

Just a few steps from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, Amiens hides some small green oases. An artist’s garden, an animal park, a family park and a nature reserve breathe life and beauty into body and mind.

Stroll around the 22 hectares of the Saint-Pierre park, the green lung of Amiens, with play areas for the whole family. At the Hotoie zoo, meet penguins, tapirs, red pandas, capuchin monkeys, seals and elephants.


You can also charge your batteries and forget the notion of time in the Madeleine cemetery or in the botanical garden.
Amiens and its region are also home to some superb private gardens such as: the Pic-Vert in Tilloy-lès-Conty, the floral gardens of Digeon in Morvillers-Saint-Saturnin, Maizicourt, etc.



Les jardins de Maizicourt
Les jardins de Maizicourt

“I bought the property in 1989 and tried to recreate the zones that reminded me of my childhood. For anyone with an artistic soul, it’s a way of creating something that’s in perpetual motion and, as Monet said: “My finest painting is my garden”. For me, the best reward is when visitors come back!” says Catherine Guevenoux, owner of the Maizicourt garden. No surprise then that it received the Garden of the Year prize in 2006 awarded by the association of gardening and horticultural journalists.