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On the water

Le chemin de halage, le long de la Somme

You can’t talk about the landscape of Amiens and its region without mentioning the Somme river. It provides for ideal bucolic walks along the towpath, as well as for jogging, or cycling.

The valleys are magical places. Don't hesitate to climb on board a barge and discover the heart of the Somme and the valley that bears its name, lined with ponds and marshes. An old water mill still exists in Lœuilly, on the Selle valley.

Walk in the nature reserve of the Saint-Ladre pond in Boves where 24 species of dragonfly have taken up home. This natural side, accessible to people with reduced mobility, was used for a long time as an open-air bleachery. In fact, as the lime water evaporated, it bleached the linen put out to dry on the fields.

Vue des étangs
Vue des étangs

The Marais de Boves is also the source of the legend of Saint Ulphe:
Ulphe would leave the site daily to go to the morning service at the Saint-Acheul Abbey. One day, in around 730, exhausted through lack of sleep due to frogs croaking all night long, Ulphe missed the service. Cursing these noisy creations, she managed to silence them through her prayers. Since that day, silence has reigned in the Marais de Boves.