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Guided visits

If you want to practice your French, a guided tour is the perfect occasion to discover the town and to improve your knowledge of the language!


Guided tour of the cathedral

Majestic and absolutely phenomenal! There is no shortage of superlatives to describe this unmissable monument that has defined the Amiens skyline since its construction in 1220.

Audio guided tour of the cathedral

The Tourist Office proposes, all year round, audio guides of the cathedral in French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and a child’s version.

Combination guided tour of the Belfry and Notre Dame Cathedral

For the very first time in their history, the Belfry and the Cathedral are issuing joint invitations to visit! Why not take them up on this new offer and tour the sites in the company of a tour guide?


NEW: My Cathedral

25 guides-conférencier(e)s, une équipe soudée, autant de personnalités et de points de vue sur la ville.

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The Cathedral Choir of Notre-Dame

Let the choir sing loud and clear! Enter through the stone and metal screen and admire the crown jewels of the Cathedral, the benches of the choir!

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The Belfry

By visiting the belfry from top to bottom, you dive in the life of the town since the Middle Ages.. It was only a hundred steps you reach the terrace where you'll have a unique perspective on the city and the chime of 30 bells.

NEW | Philippe Pinel Hospital

For the first time ever, Le Centre Hospitalier Philippe Pinel Hospital is opening its doors to the public.
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Jules Verne Circus

You’re warmly invited to embark upon a visit as you would a visit to a show! Jules Verne Circus is a living monument with a heart that beats in time with its shows.

The Citadel: Point of view on the construction site

Built following the capture of the city by the Spanish in 1597, Amiens citadel was the result of Henri IV’s determination to strengthen his kingdom’s northern border. Despite its historical and architectural interest, and its contribution to the urban landscape, the fortress – which stands on an old Roman road, over the remains of Medieval and Renaissance fortifications – remains little known by the public at large.


Saint-Acheul Archaeological Garden

The cradle of the city, in the heart of the Saint-Acheul district, this site is an opportunity to play the part of an archaeologist – on a solo visit or as a family!

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