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Guided visits

If you want to practice your French, a guided tour is the perfect occasion to discover the town and to improve your knowledge of the language!


Guided tour of the cathedral


Amazing, phenomenal! The superlatives just keep coming to describe this must-see monument in the Amiens landscape, built in 1220.


Audioguided tour of the cathedral

The Tourist Office offers year-round audioguided tours of the cathedral, in French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and a children’s version.



Combined guided tour of the Belfry and Notre-Dame Cathedral


The belfry and cathedral extend their invitations together!!! Treat yourself to this combination of sights in the company of a guide-speaker.



NEW: My Cathedral


25 guide-speakers, a united team, so many different personalities and points of view on the city.


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The Choir of Notre-Dame


Strike up the choir! Enter this world of stone and metal and admire one of the special jewels of the cathedral, its stalls!


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The Belfry


The unmistakable silhouette of the landscape and history of Amiens, the belfry will draw your eyes to the city-scape and the stunning panorama of the city and its cathedral!

La Madeleine Cemetery


Much more than just a cemetery, the Madeleine is a remarkable garden where nature and culture are everywhere as you make your way along its winding alleys.



Hôtel Bouctot Vagniez Townhouse

Listen to this rare account of an Amiens Art Nouveau building which has maintained the initial spirit of the people who commissioned it in 1906, André Bouctot, a rich man with a private income from finance, the husband of Marie-Louise Vagniez, who was the daughter of a rich fabric manufacturer. Part of the young woman’s huge dowry was used to build the townhouse designed for the couple.

Jules Verne Circus


Here, it’s an invitation to a tour as much as to a show! The Jules Verne Circus is a living monument whose heart beats to the rhythm of the shows.