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Guided visits

If you want to practice your French, a guided tour is the perfect occasion to discover the town and to improve your knowledge of the language!


Guided tour of the cathedral

Discover a majestic, almost 800-year old building, its history and the secrets of its architecture with a guide.

Audio guided tour of the cathedral

The Tourist Office proposes, all year round, audio guides of the cathedral in French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and a child’s version.

The Unexpected Cathedral

Your guide invites you to take a look at some of the remarkable visual elements in Notre-Dame, where a whole host of little-known details can be found.

NEW: From the church stalls to the treasures

Together with your guide, learn all about the Cathedral choir and access the Cathedral's treasure.

The Belfry under the stars

On summer nights, the belfry surprises visitors with its radiance. This mysterious and enigmatic monument, a major landmark in the heritage of Amiens, is fully revealed in the darkness. In a few steps, you can enjoy a wonderful view over the illuminated city.

La Madeleine Cemetery

Subtly combining all the charm of a romantic garden with the interest of a museum of funerary art, La Madeleine Cemetery accommodates the tombs of many of Amiens’ great names from the 19th and 20th centuries. Accompanied by a guide, make your way along its countless pathways for a visit that will stand out in your memory.

The Jules Verne Circus

Superbly restored in a period circus top adapted to the demands of today’s shows, the Circus invites you to have a look round. Discover the metallic structure put up by the architect Emile Ricquier and the contemporary work of art by the painter Ernst Caramelle. A surprising association that is worth the detour.

Saint-Acheul Archaeological Garden

The guide invites you to a family visit to the Saint-Acheul Archaeological Garden, an internationally renowned prehistoric site. Here you will discover the earliest human settlements in our region, the animals and climates of past times that formed the present-day landscapes of the Somme valley.

NEW: Conferences at the Saint-Acheul Archaeological Garden

At the Saint-Acheul Archaeological Garden, the new series of conferences invites you to explore human occupations in northern France. For each site, the speakers will talk about their research work and the progress in understanding mankind's environment during the long Palaeolithic era.


For the centenary of the First World War, Amiens, City of Art and History, is immersing visitors in this turbulent episode of history that had a particularly marked effect on Europe and the Somme in particular.