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Jules Verne’s “Ideal City”

“Thank you for this wonderful journey through the life and dreams of Jules Verne. The hospitality matches the décor and the atmosphere.” These words are signed by the author Didier Van Cauvelaert on leaving the Jules Verne house at number 2, rue Charles-Dubois.

The visionary writer lived in this house from 1882 to 1900. Here he wrote most of his stories. The house is dedicated to his life and memories. The writer’s desk is a sacred place. You can also walk through the conservatory and the superb, neo-gothic dining room.

Furniture, the writer’s personal objects, posters, original copies, models, magical lanterns, letters, and manuscripts: thousands of objects and documents make up the unique collection of Piero Gondolo della Riva. “I started to collect books by Hetzel when I was 13. I even learned French to read Jules Verne in the original version”, he explains. Over forty years, he thus rebuilt the world of Jules Verne. Acquired by Amiens Métropole in 2000, part of the collection is now on display in the house, in the Tower.

Walking tour: Amiens, Jules Verne’s “Ideal City”