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Beffroi de Doullens - XVIIe siècle - reconnu à l’UNESCO
Beffroi de Doullens - XVIIe siècle - reconnu à l’UNESCO

By bike,

Discover the Doullennais

Enjoy the wind in your hair as you discover the Doullennais by bike. At the Pas-de-Calais border, take a trip combining architecture and nature. In Doullens, visit the unique Renaissance citadel, the Notre Dame church and its “Entombment” scene, the belfry, which is listed as a world treasure, the unique commandment room in the town hall, or the Lombart museum.

Head to the lush countryside and the valley of the Grouches. Ride through the streets of Grouches-Luchuel and its marshes. An old watermill has been restored. In the medieval village of Lucheux, discover the vestiges of the 13th-century castle and ‘Grande Salle Seigneuriale’ that dominate the valley. The church dates from the 12th century. Ride on the cobbled roads to the old port. It is overlooked by a belfry that is a world heritage monument.

Château de Lucheux
Château de Lucheux - Porte du Haut-Bois et rempart avec mâchicoulis sur arcades et poterne


Arbre aux Epousailles – Lucheux
Arbre aux Epousailles – Lucheux

For a bit of fun, on Place du Jeu de Paume, walk through the linden tree’s trunk that is split in two. Legend says that the first person of a couple to go through the tree will be the master of the house!

Neuvillette is the birthplace of the humoristic artist, Poulbot. In Remaisnil, admire the 18th-century castle: it has a brick and stone polygonal dovecote. Continue your discovery in the Doullenais. After the river in Frohen-sur-Authie, stop in front of the 18th-century church. Discover the tree-lined, hilly and bucolic villages of Beauvoir-Rivière, Saint-Acheul or Heuzecourt. Occoches has a handsome stone castle.

Get off the beaten track and take a break in Gézaincourt. At the Picard public house, Chez Marius, enjoy traditional Picard games such as “the frog” or “the plate”. Then head back to the Renaissance citadel of Doullens. The tour is complete.

Vue sur la campagne Doullennaise
Vue sur la campagne Doullennaise

Practical information :

- 65 km circuit
- Prepare your equipment
- Free car parking: Place Saint Martin in Doullens


Download the circuit :

Bike circuit (pdf-273,92 ko)