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The modern city

Since the sixties, Amiens has had a beautiful relationship with contemporary art. There are around fifteen works of art in different districts all around the city.






In the house of Jules Verne, the Belgian, François Schuiten, interpreted his extraordinary voyages on a huge wall (12 m x 15 m). In the Saint-Leu district, the German, Stephan Balkenhol, painted a wooden triptych in 1993 featuring three characters: “The man on the mud”, "The woman with the green dress” and “The man with the red shirt”. In the northern district, plunge into the giant aquarium, “Larmes de Couleur” (2007) by Jean-Michel Othoniel. This was inspired by the poem “Voyelles” by Arthur Rimbaud.


In 2003, as part of the renovation of the Jules Verne circus more than 100 years after its inauguration, the Austrian artist Ernst Caramelle was commissioned to decorate the dome. An 8-pointed star in blue, red, orange and white revives the arts of the circus and the tradition of itinerant circus tops. This is a magical place that hosts a number of shows throughout the year.


“Les larmes de couleurs” by Othoniel in Amiens
“Les larmes de couleurs” by Othoniel in Amiens

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