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Legal wording

www.amiens-tourisme.com is a service of Amiens touriste office.

Office de Tourisme d'Amiens Métropole
23, place Notre-Dame - BP 11018
80010 Amiens cedex 1


Editorial director : Olivier Durand
Site administrator : Stéphanie Cadet
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The site http://www.amiens-tourism.com is a work of intellectual property protected by the legislation in force.
The copyright of this site is reserved for all forms of use. In particular, the reproduction of the site design, the complete download of the site for the recording on media for circulation, as well as any use of visuals and text contained therein, other than for individual and private consultation are forbidden without authorisation.

The rights relating to the illustrations and photographs contained in this site belong, unless specified otherwise, to of Amiens touriste office.


Published information is regularly checked. The City shall not be held liable in the case of errors or omissions. The information published in the file of associations fall with the scope of their responsibility. To point out an error or request that information be corrected, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster by telephone or by filling out the contact form.

Technical information found on this site is purely for information and is liable to change according to legislative and regulatory amendments.
The Amiens touriste office shall not be held liable for the interpretation that may be made of the information contained in this site.
The user of this site is responsible for taking all the necessary measures to protect data and/or software from contamination by potential viruses circulating on the Internet. Generally, the Amiens touriste office shall not be held responsible for any possible damage which took place while this site was subject to consultation.

In the spirit of the Internet, the links offered to other sites are provided for information purposes and in no way render the Amiens touriste office liable, whether concerning the content or terms of access. Conversely, any person (natural or legal) wanting to create one or several links to one or several pages of this site must inform the site webmaster beforehand.

However, on principle the following are authorised without express prior consent:

  • Quotation, in compliance with copyright laws, citing the name of the author and the source. Quotations must necessarily be brief, this notion being determined both in relation to the publication from which it is taken and to that in which it is introduced. The quotation illustrates a statement and must not compete with the publication from which it is borrowed. Many quotations, resulting in an anthology, is considered a derivative work, and is therefore subject to the prior agreement of the author or the owner of the rights;
  • The creation of a link, with the necessary condition that this link opens a new browser window and that the page reached by the link is not embedded within other pages, namely via frames, which belong to the site requiring that this or these pages only appear in a whole page under the URL http://www.amiens-tourisme.com

In other cases, namely:

You must ask express authorisation from the Amiens touriste office by filling out the contact form or by writing to:

The Amiens touriste office

The Amiens touriste office shall not be held liable regarding links created by other sites to its own sites. The existence of such links shall not imply that the Amiens touriste office endorses these sites or that it approves the content.

In order to guarantee the identity and the integrity of its site, the Amiens touriste office reserves the right to forbid links which do not satisfy the purpose of the site or which could damage the image of the institution. The Amiens touriste office shall not be held responsible for the content (editorials, illustrations ...) of sites to which these sites refer.

Reference links

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