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The Tourist Office moved to new premises at the end of 2014 to welcome you in a larger space at the foot of the cathedral, and one that is better suited to your needs – a living space designed and adapted for you.
As part of our quality procedure, certified by the NF Services X50 730 standard and by the regulations of the NF 237 certification, the Amiens Metropolitan Tourist Office makes the following commitments:


For our visitors:

  • A professional team putting our clients first by offering a personalised welcome;
  • Information updated each day in partnership with the region's Tourist Offices to guarantee completeness and reliability;
  • Attentiveness to all comments and suggestions, which will be passed on to the relevant department or service-provider within 3 days;

Suggestion sheet

  • Free information for visitors about their destination, including printed documents translated into several languages (English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese);
  • Easier access to our premises with clearer signage and improved accessibility (with the Tourism and Disability label for hearing, mental and motor disabilities - visual disability label pending);
  • Free access to wifi on request and a computer at visitors' disposal;
  • Consultation of available listed accommodation in the city region;
  • A reservation service for guided visits, individual and group stays available throughout the year.



  • Working for the continual improvement of quality in all the Office's departments;
  • Organising internal communications and sharing priority goals and measures;
  • Taking into account the comments of visitors, service-providers and elected representatives, and implementing corrective measures.


For service-providers:

  • Maintaining a permanent dialogue, particularly through themed commissions;
  • Guaranteeing support for their projects and providing them with relevant advice;
  • Raising awareness among staff concerning the destination’s identity in terms of tourism.


In environmental management:

  • Encouraging visitors to get around on foot, by bike or by bus as much as possible;
  • Optimising stock management;
  • Asking our customers and partners to preferably download documents, and only to print or take the documents that they really need.


This label proves compliance with the NF X 50-730 standard and with the regulations of NF 237 certification.
It guarantees that the welcome and information given to clients, promotion and communication, production and commercialisation, the boutique, the assessment and improvement of service quality are all regularly inspected by AFNOR CERTIFICATION – 11, rue Francis de Préssensé – 93571 SAINT DENIS LA PLAINE Cedex – France – www.marque-nf.com