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Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that provide links to important areas of the site.
- Access key "0" - Accessibility statement
- Access key "1" - Home page
- Access key "3" - Site map
- Access key "4" - Search (on most pages)
- Access key "7" - Send an email
- Access key "8" - Terms and Conditions
- Access key "S" - Skip to content
- Access key "M" - Main Menu


Instructions for use


The key combinations to validate these shortcuts differ between browsers, that is why we listerons below procedures for activating these shortcuts in the main browsers:


● Mozilla: simultaneously press the Alt key, the key Maj (figures) and a keyboard (not the keypad). You go directly to the desired location.


● With IE6: simultaneously press the Alt key, the key Maj (figures) and a keyboard (not the keypad) and then press Enter to get to the desired location.


● Opera : supports accesskeys since version 7, via the key combination Shift and Esc + [access] on all operating systems.


Formatting alternatives


The layout of the site is separated from its content through the use style sheets. It allows us to offer different formats. From the View menu browsers supporting alternative styles: Use a menu stylesheet in Netscape 7, Style menu in Opera 7 ... In current versions of these browsers, the choice of a presentation other than the default is not persistent: it must be repeated for each page accessed. By clicking on the links below, you can keep the style sheet of your choice while browsing.


This solution uses a cookie whose life is the period until your browser is closed.


The styles are:


● the standard style, with the normal colors of the site. The image on top (the head board) cache links avoidance to the eye. These links are visible by means other than reading the screen (adapted devices).
● a Web version of contrasts
● a Web version of font sizes increased


Other navigation aids
Links avoidance are placed at the top of the page. They can go directly to certain parts of the page.
The head board allows a simple click of a return to the home page. The wire allows ariane back into the tree.
You can navigate a link with the tab. The first order of 5 links is as follows:
● link to the page providing accessibility policy (this page)
● link to go directly to the menu
● link to go to the page contents
● link to go to the contact form
● link to return to home.

Compliance with standards

● XHTML code is consistent with the Specification XHTML 1.0. It is tested using the W3C HTML Validator.
● CSS is consistent with the CSS2 Specification. It is tested using the W3C CSS validator. A bug known Validator (related to the character encoding), however, prevents the validation CSS directly from HTML files. The URL to submit the CSS validator are those stylesheets themselves.
If, despite our efforts, errors were detected follow-validation, we thank you for the report