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“Corbie 3 Valleys”, Land of history and nature

Trois saisons
Corbie, les trois saisons

As you follow the river to the East of Amiens, succumb to the magic of the region of Corbie, nestled between three valleys, where charm and calm reign.
This is a natural area, where water is omnipresent in the middle of the countryside, with the Heilly ponds and the Fréchencourt turning wells, for example.
It is a land of history too, with the archaeological site of Ribemont sur Ancre, the Corbie abbey church, and the Franco-Australian museum of Villers Bretonneux.

By barge in Corbie A trip on the water

“Up a lazy river by the old mill stream…” Sing as you take a trip on the water between Cappy and Amiens. This six-hour trip will leave a lasting memory. Going through the locks is always an exciting experience. Don’t forget to take your bike too.