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Amiens in a week

The ideal amount of time for your expedition to reach the beautiful beaches of the Baie de Somme or the battlefields.


After your adventures in the city, treat yourself to a trip to one of the most beautiful bays in the world, or continue on to the Circuit du Souvenir.


Day 1 : The cathedral and the Saint-Leu district

An immense stone edifice, simultaneously lithe and sturdy with its solid flying buttresses, the Amiens Cathedral truly reflects the city’s vitality in the thirteenth century. Its majestic silhouette towers over the old Saint-Leu district—crossed by branches of the Somme—whose colourful little houses give it its picturesque flair. In summer and during the Christmas market, experience Chroma after dark. A unique and dynamic show where light dances and plays with the stone lattices at the tops of the towers !


Days 2 and 3 : A green, peaceful destination


The Hortillonnages, the zoological gardens, the Saint-Pierre park, and others—Amiens has no shortage of green spaces and quiet places to relax.

The best way to explore these oases of calm is on your bike!




Day 4 : The city of Jules Verne


Ready for an extraordinary journey ? Dive into the depths of the author’s private life and explore the mansion he lived in for 18 years. As soon as you step inside, you’ll feel the magic and beauty of this timeless house.

Add a finishing touch to your visit with a walk to the Madeleine Cemetery, a tranquil place, full of poetry and nature, where time seems to have stopped. You will find Jules Verne’s spectacular gravestone at the bend of a path lined with ancient trees.




Days 5 to 7 : An emotional journey on Amiens’ doorstep

After your adventures in the city, treat yourself to a trip to one of the most beautiful bays in the world, or continue on to the Circuit du Souvenir.

The Baie de Somme is truly exceptional! With its sand and pebble beaches, its cliffs and dunes, it provides a diverse coastline. This cozy refuge is equally as inviting for migratory birds as it is for lovers of the great outdoors. On foot, by bike, by train, or by boat, the Baie de Somme unveils itself at the tides’ discretion, according to your preferences.
With a bit of luck, you might see a seal pop its head out of the water from the pointe du Hourdel !


Top tip : enjoy a sunset on Le Crotoy beach with the medieval city of Saint-Valery as a backdrop.


Embark on a highly moving journey through the battlefields of the Somme to better understand this chapter of our world history.
From Albert to Péronne, the Circuit du Souvenir has you face the dramatic events that took place here 100 years ago. From trenches to mine craters, from cemeteries to memorial sites, the scars of the Somme maintain its painful past.



Top tip : stop off at the “Tommy” in Pozières, a friendly environment that is also called the “Café du Souvenir”, where you can meet visitors from around the world. You can get a simple, good meal from morning to evening, or just stop off for a drink.