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Amiens in a weekend

A weekend is certainly better for more vigourous exploration, while also allowing you to take a break now and then to recharge your batteries.





Cathedral, Saint-Leu, Hortillonnages

Here you’ll find the details for a full day discovering Amiens’ most iconic sites.
Then you can take it a little further, thanks to our suggestions...


The House of Jules Verne

Leave your car in the car park and rent a bike or lace up your shoes to complete your exploration of the city.
Dive into the depths Jules Verne’s imagination! Push open the doors of his house and enter for a unique tour filled with surprises and anecdotes. The house with the tower in which he lived from 1882 to 1900 is now one of the most beautiful “author’s houses” in Europe.


Top tip : if you have the chance, visit the author's house with Jules Verne himself, or one of his heroes.


And if you continue your journey to the Madeleine Cemetery, you’ll get to see Jules Verne’s spectacular gravestone!


Amiens Métropole Zoo

Did you come with children ? Give them a pleasant surprise with a trip to the zoo. They’ll love stroking dwarf goats, getting to feed animals, and being splashed by Joey the sea lion during his little performance !


Top tip : take your picnic and enjoy some family relaxation among the animals.



Les Halles du Beffroi

One last stop before packing up : Les Halles ! The colourful stalls brim with delicious local products. An explosion of flavours to whet your appetite !