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Favourite trips

Cycle ride exploring the heritage...

Glass, stone and brickwork provide the setting for this urban outing giving you a first experience of Amiens.

From the station to the City Hall, from the University to the Cirque Jules Verne, take in the main monuments and districts of the city on your bike.

Cycle ride around the Parks & Gardens...

From the banks of the Somme to the Zoo, this outing unveils the hidden facets of the city to you. You’ll really get the measure of how green Amiens is through this itinerary.

By canoe and kayak Glide on the Somme

Discover the Somme from the inside, by canoe or kayak – what an enchanting idea! Travel down the river from Ailly-sur-Somme to Picquigny and enjoy the beauty, calm and tranquillity. In almost total silence, watch frogs, dragonflies, little grebes, and more.

Waterside Amiens

Summer is on the way, bringing a yen for unwinding in the countryside: take a walk on the banks of the Somme ! Here you have an east-to-west panoramic tour from the Camon pools to the Saint-Maurice district to help you explore Amiens and its surrounding area.

By mountain bike Medieval circuit in the Noye valley

On your bike in the Noye valley! Start at the Berny-sur-Noye lake. Not far from there, the “le souffle de la terre" sound and light show livens up the end of summer every year. 700 volunteers are involved and thousands of spectators come to watch. Then, direction La Faloise, alongside the Noye river. Admire the village’s traditional and picturesque houses.

Conty at horse's pace

Drawn by horses, discover the Vallée de la Selle, nestled at the heart of an exceptional natural setting. Meet at the Ateliers du Val de Selle in Conty for a ride on the Coulée Verte nature path.

Beffroi de Doullens - XVIIe siècle - reconnu à l’UNESCO
Beffroi de Doullens - XVIIe siècle - reconnu à l’UNESCO

By bike,

Discover the Doullennais

Enjoy the wind in your hair as you discover the Doullennais by bike. At the Pas-de-Calais border, take a trip combining architecture and nature. In Doullens, visit the unique Renaissance citadel, the Notre Dame church and its “Entombment” scene, the belfry, which is listed as a world treasure, the unique commandment room in the town hall, or the Lombart museum.

By car, at the heart of the Evoissons valley

Want to breathe fresh air? We’ll take you on a tour of the Evoissons valley. The walk starts at Poix-de-Picardie. This is a village nestled in green landscape. The beautiful 16th-century, flamboyant style Saint-Denis church features sculpted keystones. Another curious feature of the landscape is the Poix viaduct (1866), which measures 246 m long. It is entirely made of bricks. It crosses the Fay valley, which is 33 m deep.