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The city at night

The Saint-Leu district is lovely at night. The quai Bélu, famous for its restaurants and cafés, takes on a cosy atmosphere. An ideal setting for an enjoyable time into the early hours. On the same quay is the Lune des Pirates concert hall.


A few great names in the music world have been here to meet their first fans. Here, there is only one star: eclecticism. This eclecticism also reigns in creative and experimental cinema. The cobbled streets of Saint-Leu transport the tourist a few centuries back, when the mills on the Somme were still in operation.


Saint-Leu is also one of the city’s student districts with the law and science faculties. In summer, relax on the terraces, listen to the Somme lapping the river banks or contemplate the majestic Notre-Dame cathedral.


“Saint-Leu is a friendly district on the water’s edge with terraces and colourful architecture. This is where people and students get together. Its little streets make it feel a bit like Bruges. And Lune des Pirates is one of the district’s emblematic venues. It’s one of the first places that opened; a music and discovery hall.”
Ludovic Leleu, photographer.